Sunday, December 10, 2006


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I like my new friend. I think i'm falling.. :)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

It's been long. I've been too lazy to come online.

The prelims have ended last week, and the A's are 6 weeks away.

Not too long ago, I was on the train and what I saw enraged me. There were two groups of disabled people. One was a group of 4 mutes/deaf, and another, a small group of mentally disabled people.

People on the train were starring at the mutes as though they were aliens. So what if they communicated with sign language and some strange noise gets "emitted" once in a while? Does it give you the right to stare, and bitch? It's rude.

And worse still, this group of ITE students were bitching and laughing at the mentally disabled kids. They were speaking in their mother tongue. I happen to understand their mother tongue and it's extremely disgusting to hear such comments made about the mentally disabled. You people are no better off!

But the interesting thing is that before one of the mentally disabled kids, before getting off the train, pointed at the group of ITE students and said something which i could not make out. haha.. it was so cute in a way. haha..

And here is another incident that pissed me off. I was at the Toa Payoh branch of NTUC last week. It was one plus in the afternoon. Strangely, the place was pretty packed. The people there pissed the hell out of me. Groups of old ladies hogged the isle, talking and oblivious of their surroundings. Some smelled like they bred dogs in their hair. Others were office workers, taking their own sweet time to choose stuff, and walking as though their nails would chip off if they walked a little faster. And when they bumped into colleagues, they would stop and talk, just like the old ladies. Educated people mind you. Educated people doing that.

I bought only 2 items and so went to the express counter. And what do I see? People with baskets at the express counter! ok, i forgive you. maybe the other queues were too long. But the stupid cashiers, all of them, were taking their own sweet time keying in purchases, scanning items, packing slowly. If the place is empty, by all means, go ahead and take your time. But the place was packed, the queues were so long one might think free money was being distributed at the counters! Gosh.

No wonder the service industry in Singapore is bad.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's been a long time. How is everyone?

GP prelims over but prelims for all other subjects are coming. A levels are coming. Army is coming. Life is ending.

I've somehow lost the will to do anything. I feel like falling into a comatose and die!! Math is not as easy as I found it to be. Long gone are the days I could do questions off hand. My A grade for math has slowly slipped to an E. And the prelim practice papers are not helping one bit. Plus, sources from ACJC and SAJC said that their papers were tough. I'm hopeless. I feel like wallowing into self pity and die!! This afternoon, I broke down while doing math. I don't know why.

From a lesson learnt,I must learn not to wallow in self pity. I must be strong and take control. Listen to Il Divo. It calms the soul.

Bless the people who have lost their lives. Many disasters have been happening around the world. Plane crashes, typhoons. What is happening? Probably this is the inner voice of life-the chaos, misery, turmoil.

Wake up Shawn! Look around you! People are dying, studying. What about you? Do something! You don't want to end up nowhere, crying and frustrated. You don't want no E's and O's on your cert. Hell no! AAA and at least a B3 for GP!

whoever said growing up is a process, I would like to raise my hand as the exception. It doesn't really evolve slowly and unnoticeably. One bright sunny morning, when you're not looking, it hits you square in the face! And *tadaa*. All the evil and unhappiness and the destroyed utopia you thought you lived in. Ahhh, the lovely pains of growing up. Or growing old.

Monday, August 15, 2005

I have recovered. Not.

It's been long since I came online. Busy studying. Well, not really studying studying, but at least, getting there. The exams are approaching and I'm scared. Less than a month to prelims, and less than 3 months to the A levels. I should not have started studying last year.

School's been draining the life out of me. I want to party!! After prelims perhaps? Maybe once. Heh.

I just finished clearing my room. Haven't cleared it since last year. Yup. Last year. Mum went out to bind my notes. =)

Random happenings since the last time I blogged:
-My phone broke down last week. I almost cried!
-I got picked up.
-Watched fireworks. (if only you were there)
-Watched 3 movies.

This sums up my boring update. I'll promise a more exciting update the next time I blog, when the weather is not so hot. :)

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I was thinking about death these past few days. No, I'm not going to kill myself or anything. Death in general.

Is natural death painful?
Will it be quick?

Who would come by to see me before I die?
Will I get a chance to see certain people for one last time?

When I die, would I die knowing that I lived life to the max, achieving what I set out to achieve, making an impact on something I did, and have no unfinished business?

Would I have settled all my personal stuff and I can leave the world happy?

I think I might have high blood pressure. Gasp! BP 167/86. That's very high. The doctor said I'm too young to have high BP, so I'll go back again next week and get it checked again. The first time I saw my blood pressure so high was during the army medical. Today is the second time I see my BP so high. I swear school is the cause of all this. Bitch.

If I were to drop dead this next instant, I will not die a happy man. I've not lived my life to the max. There are things which I have not done happily. Like my current status in Junior College, but I won't whine about it.

There is someone I want to apologies to. I'm sorry. I might have been childish, a jerk, a bastard or an emotionally charged high EQ asshole. Sorry. I may not be as good, I can't write as well, nor match his certain achievements, nor can I replace him.
During the time I was with you, I hope you enjoyed my company, the laughs, me being there, the joy, my comforts, and most importantly, enjoyed the little boy you fell in love with. I loved you a lot, and I hope that you loved me too. You know I did.
I have wept the 7 seas, and they are still filling up with tears. I've written stories, poems, letters, but I don't want to bother you.
I still think of you. I know that I shouldn't be like this. I don't want to be like this either. But the pain lingers much as I try to let go of it. It's not the pain of breaking up anymore. I've gotten over that. It's the pain of losing you, of missing you.
Though our journey together as one has ended, I hope that now, we can go back to the very old days of being the best of friends.
Sorry once again. Don't hold it against me ok?

your friend,

I'm sorry I'm posting this. But it's been bugging me recently, even now. I have to let it out of my system. Hope you understand. I hope you don't get angry over this. If you object to this entry, SMS me yeah?

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Retail therapy is good. :) If only I print money.

I was talking to a friend about how people used to chat over the internet. The "beng" era, where everyone was going "heyz" "nitez" "lehz" and adding 'z' to almost every other word. Goodness. I actually talked like that.